ays●, "we hav

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e sold o●ver twenty o●r thirty home app■liances. I○t also drive〓s up sales of ot●her goods by t◆wo to three times."○In Yunnan province○, the price ●ceiling for tel●evisions, r○efrigerators, m●obile phones, and w〓ashing mac■hines for farmers i●s set at 2,000 yuan●, 2,500 yuan, 1,◆000 yuan and 2,00〓0 yuan respectiv●ely. A farmer who p○urchases four kind〓s of produ●cts at the same tim■e can

receive a 97●5 yuan sub〓sidy at most.● The subsidy● will be g〓ranted within ■thirty days ◆of purchase.An●d the subsi○dy for farmers pu■rchasing home ap

pli●ances has bee◆n fast-tracked. The■y can receiv○e it on the sa〓me day of purchase〓 instead o●f having to wait○. I. Foreword 1. Ge○neral objectives To

●carry forward● the concept of ●ecological advan◆cement, provid◆e relevant sugge●stions and guidance ◆to visitor■s, particip〓ants and op●erators in○ te

rms of ideol●ogical progress, sta●ndard of behav◆iour and m●anagement superv●ision, tak●e into ful■l play the joint ef●forts of the entire○ society, pr○

omote Expo 201●0 Shanghai China t●o be an environm○ent-friendly and res●ource-saving■ 鈥淕reen Ex■po鈥? and develop the■ theme of ○鈥淏etter City, Bet○te

r Life鈥? 2. Basi●c principles On ■the basis o●f the compliance wi〓th current nati〓onal and local ●laws, regulations, ■standards a○nd environme〓ntal prot

ebruary 1●st. The respo

ec■tion documents,◆ internationally adv〓anced 鈥済reen■ concept" should b●e advocated and put 〓into pr

actice by al●l parties to furth●er improve th■e environmenta●l protection lev●el of Expo 2010 S○hanghai China●. 1) Global○ization and i◆nternationaliz■ation should ■be presented:■ some environ◆mental concerns in● the

world should ●be considered, and ●relevant requirement●s of international o○rganizations sho○uld be highligh◆ted. 2) The ●forward-lookin〓g insight and advanc●ement should be p○resented: adva■nced techn■ologies, mea○sures and methods○, pollution-○free materials〓 and product/●management mode●s should be○ recommended○. 3) Publicity a●nd wide pa?/p>

○farmers, so f

ar, ○has be

en ent●husiastic and t〓hat's driving up ●consumption in rural● areas

駌ticipation should b■e encouraged: we● should encoura〓ge not only t○he participa◆tion of government〓s and official◆ institutions〓, but also

. Zhong Ying

ch●un in Xuxi Villag●e of Guangzho●u province ●has wanted a washin■

the 鈥済●reen initiativ●es鈥?by enterpr●ises and organizati◆ons. Meanwhile w●e should c〓all for the pu◆blic to make ◆their due contri◆buti

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r a long〓 time.

on to a 鈥淕reen◆ Expo鈥?in the dail◆y life. 3.● Design framewo〓rk The Green ■G

With ◆a govern

uideline fo●r Expo 2010 Shangh●ai China can be divi○ded into three p●arts as per

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